Let the proponents promote, let the critics critique, let the students study.

A proper education is the best way to alleviate intolerance and promote friendly dialogue. At Red Egg Entertainment, our desire is to see a more peaceful world for future generations. With the prevalence of religious beliefs globally, we believe that it is important to improve religious literacy through comparative study and interfaith dialogue. Believers is a primer to five of the major world religions, Agnosticism, and the New Atheism; it is the first of what we hope will be many such explorations into the world of faith and its’ role in modern society. Our goal is to present the information we come across in such a way that people of all faiths will find their views well represented; from the most liberal to the most conservative. We realize however that in focusing on belief systems, a major group of people were being left out, so we sought to change that by including those who adhere to no belief system, organized or otherwise.

After speaking with a number of professionals within the education community, we are developing a unit that will work with the themes and strands of the Grade 11 World Religions curriculum. Check back with us at this page for free resources.

If you are interested in collaborating, please email us, we would love to hear from you.

This unique exploration of faith and world religions provides an opportunity for students to encounter a major world religions as they are expressed in a particularly Canadian, and local southern Ontario, context. As one of the authors of the national textbook World Religions: A Canadian Catholic Perspective (Novalis/Nelson/CCCB, 2012), I welcome such a video resource. The connections with themes and strands in the Grade 11 World Religions curriculum provide an engaging opportunity for student learning.

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